Typewriter Art

Steam and Clouds

Lace Industry


Having researched and considered this project I have identified and addressed a number of key design targets:

That the design provides interest and impact both internally and externally.

That the design provides interest and impact up close and from afar.

The design reflects the heritage of Stotfold and connects current and new residents to the building and its function.

The design must work visually as a whole both day and night.

A public art design, which reflects on the history of Stotfold and celebrates the community of contemporary Stotfold. Each elevation will be designed to create a bold visual impact from a distance, but on viewing at close proximity will reveal detail and small-scale interest.

This approach aims to provide lasting interest for visitors to the building whereby the design creates lasting interest over several viewings.

Design concept:

Past links:
Stotfold’s steam powered mill and agricultural steam engines, its reliance on fire historically domestic and industrial. People of Stotfold used to rely on wood-coal fires for all the hot water, cooking and heating. Every day would start with the lighting of the fire.
“Last thing at night, the hot cinders were put into the long-handled warming pan to warm the thick cotton sheets on the bed. The first job on rising would be to ‘ruttle’ the cinders left in the grate to remove the ashes which dropped into the ash pan”, from ‘Stotfold Reflections’.
Smoke from many businesses such as the Brick–kiln and bakers would have been an everyday sight and smell.

Present links:
The landscapes and views may have changed around Stotfold but the skies remain the same. They are therefore a link with our past.
The former residents of Stotfold, many of whom worked on the land, the skies told them the time and the coming weather.
There is a story in ‘Stotfold reflections’ about how people didn’t need watches as they could tell the time exactly from the skies.
Clouds can also stand as a metaphor for ideas and memory. Like memories clouds come and go and are ever changing. This project is an opportunity for the different elements of the community to come together and select important stories from the past and to celebrate the energy of ideas from the communities who will use the new building.

Future links:
These ideas therefore represent the future of Stotfold.

Using Typewriter art as an inspiration to introduce text into the final artworks will enable a variety of narrative to be introduced into the artworks in a visually dynamic fashion – more news to follow.

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