We’d like to say thank you to everyone that contributed their time and energy into taking part in a creative session exploring memories and local history of the Stotfold area. These memories and time lines related to the respective institutions of the attendees. Using a grid format to enter details, this visual format presented a variety of facts and memories similar in a way to that of a family tree. It’s hoped that some kind of similar format for the final artworks will be introduced so that written information can be presented in a visually pleasing fashion.

I’m looking forward to having a good look through what was created in the session and using the supplied info to develop the artworks. More news to follow….

Here are some examples of what was produced together with some photographs of the people who kindly took part.

tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-salvation-army-womens-inst-ART2 tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-salvation-army-womens-inst-ART1 tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-salvation-army-womens-inst-ART3

tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-salvation-army-womens-inst5        tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-salvation-army-womens-inst4

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