I have comprehensive experience working with a number of mediums suitable for a public environment and have successfully employed them on a large number of interior and exterior public art projects. I have worked with a variety of budgets, ranging from £5000 to £120,000 employing the materials proposed for this project


VITREOUS ENAMEL – Wall façade. Sub-contractors: AJ Wells and Sons Ltd.

Vitreous Enamel is simply a thin layer of glass fused at high temperature on to the surface of a metal. The durability of the early advertising signs, still showing the brilliance of the original colours after a hundred years, is one of the best examples of the long-term colour stability of vitreous enamel.

It allows imagery and text to be applied in full photographic detail to an external location. The company that I contract for external public art projects using this medium fabricate the iconic London Underground signs. The product is highly durable in a public environment and has been employed by myself for several public art projects, commissioned by local authorities. It can also be fabricated to any shape.


The material can also be used for Building cladding. Enamel coatings applied to steel panels offer the most stringent protection to the core material whether cladding road tunnels, underground stations, building superstructures or other applications. It can also be specified as a curtain walling. Qualities of this material include:

  • Extremely durable
  • Withstands extreme temperatures and is non-flammable
  • Long lasting UV, climate and corrosion resistant
  • Dirt-repellent and graffiti-proof
  • Highly abrasive and chemical resistant

Easy cleaning and maintenance / Graffiti Resistance


Modern vinyl transfer systems.


Window graphics are able to transform glazed surfaces into versatile backdrops for architectural glass artwork. The applications can obscure visibility or create privacy and the use of full colour printed manifestations or translucent films are extremely versatile.

Developments in printable media such as with Optically Clear films can be installed in situ making the design appear part of the glass, leaving the non-printed areas with near perfect optical clarity.

Other films include; one way vision films such as Contra Vision®, view control films such as Lumisty and textured or frosted films. In addition printed decals cut to any shape can provide a more minimal graphic solution, glazed panels. There are also adhesive-free solutions for temporary artworks that adheres without the use of glues.


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