Thank you Etonbury Academy for contributing some great work! I think over the three sessions we started to develop some good ideas for the project and I really appreciated all of their hard work and enthusiasm. In particular a few pupils really contributed some confident work, Jess Beede / Paige Taylor / Tige Burns. Perhaps there is an opportunity to offer some further sessions with these three pupils in early 2016, as their input would be greatly appreciated.

Below is a selection of the art produced….more news to follow….


The participants would have the opportunity to think about Stotfold, its history and what it means to them.
Using Typewriter Art, examples below, as an inspiration they would create collaged images representing Stotfold. These might be old photographs, images of plants and flowers, pattern and imagery from lace-making and straw plaiting, and other agricultural references combined with text.

The participants would shape and cut the images and text into layered collages. They would be produced either by hand employing collage techniques, or digitally using a computer and Photoshop, (provided by artist).

tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-etonbury4 tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-etonbury3 tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-etonbury2 tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-etonbury1 tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-etonbury-16th-dec

Written by Artist, Tom Pearman

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