On the 7th December the project went to see Stotfold Bowls Club to chat with some of its members who kindly offered their time and knowledge of the clubs history and the rules of play for bowls. With the help of artist Emily Tracy, the members looked at presenting some of the club’s heritage through the art form known as Typewriter art. Club spokesperson, Mollie Jennings, also offered some great documents relating to the club’s history.

Emily and myself would like to say a big thank you to everyone that offered their time and contributed their knowledge and creative efforts to the project. It is genuinely appreciated.


The session made this great piece of typewriter art using a circular shape to contain the names of the club members and another piece relating to the ‘tools of the trade’.


More news to follow, as I plan to investigate some of the great photos and documentation that came from the session. I’ll update this page soon….AND I think Mollie Jennings is going to contribute more of her time to helping the project, which is really appreciated, more news to follow with this too.


tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-bowls2 tom-pearman-public-artist-stotfold-bowls1


tom-pearman-public-artist-news-stotfold-bowls-club-session01           tom-pearman-public-artist-news-stotfold-bowls-club-session02





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