Below are the wonderfully graphic artworks that the pupils produced…some appear to be on their side but this how some of the final artworks will appear….

….from Colleen Scotland, Year 4 Leader,
“Stillness Junior School would like to say a big thank you to Tom for allowing us to take part in this fun and creative opportunity. The children thoroughly enjoyed working alongside him, and exploring creative ideas. We appreciate the talent and time taken by Tom and we are thrilled to have worked alongside him for the day.” 
“We took part in the art project a public artist came in and we created some badges. We chose a box template and then drew a clean air poster. Tom printed our design onto the boxes. This was a really creative session and I liked being taught more about pollution.” – Jack 6PO

“The art project was a fun project. We brainstormed our ideas and then created our boxes.  It was an excellent opportunity to put our ideas into the community for our local area.  It was a great event.” – Khaled 6PG


Written by Tom Pearman

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