artworks being installed…

The artworks have now been installed….



THE ARTWORK FABRICATION IS UNDERWAY AND DUE TO BE COMPLETE SOON…INSTALLATION SOON AFTER IN DECEMBER – JANUARY…..more news to follow…   The locations have been confirmed at the following 6 locations, Damian Primary School Beecroft Primary School Stillness Primary School Broca Cafe Barge Public House Crofton Park Library



…air in a box….no.2



Locations are currently being established with provisional agreement from 3 local schools and a planned discussion with Croft Park Library and further meeting with aim of siting an artwork around the Brockley Cross / Station area. More news to follow….watch this space… The below basic draft visual indicate possible locations of the various sites. As… Read more »


artwork to have underground framing system

Tom is currently planning the signage system for the artworks. It is hoped that they will incorporate the same system used by the London Underground, using the medium of vitreous enamel. more news to follow…

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…air in a box….no.1  


Positive meeting with Brockley locals

Great meeting with Moira form Brockley Max and Ian Brimacombe, at Jam Circus , both locals to the project and offered some generous links for me to investigate in regard to the locations of the artworks….more news to follow…


    artwork ideas – Commercial Pin Badges

    Employing the aesthetics used in Pop Art and commercial pin badges, Tom will aim to create a series of vitreous enamel signs sited at location along the Brockley Corridor. Commercial pin badges were used to identify a person’s business and displayed the brand’s logo in a colourful and sometimes instantly recognisable format. They were bright… Read more »

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    artwork ideas – Pop Art

    Employing the aesthetics used in Pop Art and commercial pin badges, Tom will aim to create a series of vitreous enamel signs sited at location along the Brockley Corridor. Using these bold visual styles Tom will explore clean air topics with selected public groups in the local community. These topics will be used to ‘decorate’… Read more »

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    local school collaboration

    To date, Tom has had an extremely productive and creative time collaborating with year 5 and 6 pupils of two local primary schools, _ Beecroft Garden Primary School Beecroft Rd. _ Stillness Junior School Brockley Rise – The following is a summary of the session’s aims and full details of the session plan can be downloaded here:… Read more »

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    BROCKLEY CORRIDOR regeneration

    PROJECT BACKGROUND ʻBrockley Corridorʼ Public art commission. As part of Lewisham Council’s regeneration scheme, Transport for London is funding a series of art interventions to highlight the environment and promote ‘green’ modes of transport. Tom Pearman has been commissioned to design a series of enamel signs / art features to be located along the site. The… Read more »

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    locations to be confirmed…

    more information to follow…