Local school creative sessions


For the project there has been engagement with local primary schools and with local community organisations. Through this participatory process the project aims is to educate and provide an artistic experience for local children and foster ownership from the local community.


The majority of schemes that Pearman delivers involve a community out-reach strategy drawing upon extensive experience working with a rich variety of user groups. Previously he has conducted radio interviews with the BBC, delivered exhibitions and conducted participatory educational public workshops as part of arts festivals and developed dynamic project-specific websites that have presented the community consultation undertaken and outlined a project’s key development stages and aims.

He has acted as lead artist contracting various community outreach bodies to conduct participatory events with a variety of target groups and has acted as a mentor for local university students who were offered a bursary to be involved in a project on a temporary basis.

The project specific art workshops that Tom has undertaken with schools have investigated how a professional artist works, investigated the materials employed and have been specifically tailored so that a particular chosen theme is explored within the overall context of the public art commission.


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