Below are the wonderfully graphic artworks that the pupils produced…

..some appear to be on their side but this how some of the final artworks will appear….

and some comments from the children:

The project helped inspire me to send an important message to the community – Brooke, year 5
It was great working with Tom because it got us using art ideas in a pop art way! Jessica, year 5
Raising awareness was a really important part of the art! Arena, year 5
I couldn’t wait to see our badges and I’m really looking forward to showing my parents.  Emerine, year 5
My eyes popped out when I saw my work on Toms website! Lucy, year 5
Tom is awesome! He got us exploring ways of turning art into messages, like adverts! Queenette, year 5
I don’t normally use rulers for drawing in art and it was fun and different working with Tom. Shari, year 5
We got to really think about the kind of colours to use to draw attention to our message! Karine, year 5
This is going to give out a message to the whole Brockley community. It’s so exciting! Samuel, year 5








Written by Tom Pearman

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